The Kuwait Business Guide is divided into five parts. Each part is delivered as a separate book:

Part One – Business Background

… a comprehensive introduction to Kuwait – its topography, history, governance, and the effect of religion on business behaviour, as well as its population and economy. To access this essential information, click:

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Arabic Business Terms

Statistics – Kuwait Population

Statistics – Kuwait Economy 

Part Two – Business Laws

… a review of the laws regulating business behaviour in Kuwait – business licences, contracts, loans and interest, and Kuwait’s weird rules governing cheques. The part includes a detailed look at the legal entities that can be used to carry on business in the country, agency and service agreements, intellectual property rights, industrial laws and labour laws, and concludes with a discussion of litigation and arbitration. Each chapter is interspersed with pertinent advice based on decades spent doing business in Kuwait. To access this essential reading click:

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Part Three – Taxation & Finance

… an analysis of corporate income taxes, customs duties, conventional banking, and Islamic financing, with reliable advice on the most appropriate approaches to taxation and finance in Kuwait. To access this essential reading click:

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Part Four – Business Activities

… an overview of business opportunities in Kuwait and how to research them, the rules governing tendering for public contracts, the local offset programme, and Kuwait’s import and export regulations and standards, with the aim of equipping the reader with the knowledge needed to find the best approach to doing business in Kuwait. Includes advice on marketing, advertising and promotions and the use of Kuwait as a centre for activities elsewhere in the region. To access this essential reading click:

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Part Five – Practical Aspects

.. an examination of the behavioural quirks that can make Kuwaiti business culture confusing, including the importance of face, the need to build personal relationships, decision-making (Kuwaiti style) and how to assess whether there is a genuine interest in a product or service. Part Five also contains a full range of practical points, such as local working hours, using networks to gain entry to decision-makers, commissions and gifts, dealing with ministries and choosing a Kuwaiti associate. The book concludes with  advice on visas, work permits, residence permits, accommodation, driving licences, etc, etc. To access this essential reading click:

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Useful Contract Numbers

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